Mamiffer / Demian Johnston split cassette OUT NOW!

We are excited to announce (and to have our hands on) the super-limited MAMIFFER / DEMIAN JOHNSTON split cassette. Only 110 copies in existence, designed and assembled by Mamiffer's own Faith Coloccia. Pick it up from Real Tomato Ketchup or BCD.

Mamiffer on this Recording: 
Faith Coloccia 
Aaron Turner 
Alex Barnett (Oakeater)
Demian Johnston on this Recording: 
Demian Johnston
New material from Mamiffer recorded post-Mare Decendrii. One long 18 minute piece - organ, voice, guitar and field recordings. 2 new tracks from Demian Johnston - guitar, metal desk and drones. Comes in an oversized box with 13 photo prints and Cyrillic text made / designed by Faith Coloccia. Limited to 110 copies.
Track Listing: 
1. Mamiffer - Dead Settlers 
2. Demian Johnston - Kallikantzaros 
3. Demian Johnston - Sawdust and Old

Also, pick up Mamiffer - Mare Decendrii. It is good. The CD hasn't left Sugarbear's car since he got it.