Kayo Dot's Toby Driver Live on the Radio

THIS SUNDAY! March 27, between 11PM and 1AM (Eastern Time!!!), Kayo Dot's Toby Driver will be doing a live, on-air interview with Lincoln, Nebraska's KZUM radio - the interview will be streaming live online at this web address: http://www.kzum.org/

Then, the very next night, on Monday, March 28, Jeff "Oly" Olson from Trouble and Retro Grave will host Toby on his internet radio show, "HEADY METAL WITH JEFF OLSON" - please listen in, it was a great interview! 


This will be followed by a concert: Saturday, April 23rd @ Webster Hall Studio with Gnaw (ex-Khanate) and Retro Grave (ex-Trouble)!!!
This is Retro Grave's debut show!