Harvey Milk-"S/T" 2xLP Limited Tour Edition

Harvey Milk "Self Titled" Tour Edition 2xLP (limited to 300) available at Vacation Vinyl now! 

You may know Harvey Milk's "s/t" release as the Bob Weston Sessions, an unreleased full-length that has been floating around the .blogspot world for some time.

This limited Tour Edition is the first time this record has been made available on a physical format and the audio has been re-mastered for a more enjoyable listening experience. 

1. Blueberry Dookie 
2. Plastic Eggs 
3. Merlin is Magic
4. Dating Pressures 
5. My Father's Life's Work 
6. Probölkoc 
7. Smile 
8. Jim's Polish
9. F.T.S.P. 
10 Anthem