Some reviews, just for the hell of it.

"Clean Hands
is the somber recollection of tragedy. Straying from the more forceful and downright violent nature of past releases like Things Viral and Capture & Release, the last dissonant emissions of Khanate are downtrodden and teeming with regret. “Wings From Spine” is a sobering affair, every bit as cold as one would expect from the band, but with a remorseful tone. On “In That Corner” Stephen O’Malley’s crashing, sparse chords shatter upon the ground like the dreams of the innocent fallen. Alan Dubin’s tortured wails resonate over the jagged shards of guitar and percussion"- The Oberlander

"The desire for categorization sometimes comes as a ridiculous meeting. It is rather obvious that humankind has created knowledge from this effort. Not only discovering things but above all giving them a name and an independent existence isolated from its form. Language is the ultimate catalogue machine. Is there not a form? Well then there is language to invent it! Things may exist or not but as long as language is there then they exist. Think of this after listening Helms Alee and its curious musical concoction. Can we subtract from our impending necessity to give nominations to something we experienced but we are not sure how to call it? But the thing is we need these odd distinctions if we want to remain social, because as sooner we need to communicate our findings to someone else we should have to get the ability to describe what we tested. We would get rid of our fanatic attitude for categorization the moment we remain hermits, then things would just get reduced to its nominal character."- HeathenHarvest

Discordance Axis "The Inalienable Dreamless"
"A far cry from your average grindcore band, Discordance Axis boasts gratifying harmonic variety along with crushing weight from guitarist Rob Marton, plus exceptional power and intelligibility, courtesy of one of the best grind drummers ever born: Dave Witte, who has also played for Human Remains, Burnt By The Sun, Phantomsmasher, Melt-Banana and Municipal Waste."- HoustonPress