"A Shoebox Tuneful" by Stephen Brodsky : Book + 4xCD Available Now for Pre-Order

This is the second published item from our fledgling Robotic Boot division...first came the Melvins comic last fall, and now this,  Stephen Brodsky’s : "A Shoebox Tuneful" Book + 4xCD.

What you see here is a 66 page full color hardbound book featuring lyrics (from his last LP and the new EP), doodles, musings and various Brodsky related what-not. 

Included are 4 CD’s: The brand new 6-song ‘Thing or Thong Rider’ EP, Stove Bredsky’s ‘The Black Ribbon Award' and the debut full lengths from Octave Museum and Pet Genius. 

Steve will be personalizing each of the first 100 pressed...its a first come first serve situation...Chel will be able to confirm with you whether or not you've made the cut.

$52.50 is the price you pay to get all of the above...we know its pricey, but its also freakin' awesome.

This is a custom, made-to-order, personalized and limited item...and therefore we appreciate your patience as we bring this project to full realization.

* please read below for payment/delivery information. These will take some time between ordering and you receiving them.

* The Brodsky books are made to order and will be sent to him to personalize in small batches. It will take us a while to get the raw books sent to us and put together. Then they are sent across country so Steve can do his 'thing' in each book and then they will be shipped out from there. Like the cable company saying they’ll show up between 8AM and 4PM, the best estimate we can give you from the time you put in your request/pay for the book is 1-3 months.

* Shipping prices are at a set rate USPS Priority for the book. $4.80 for anywhere in the US. $9.95 to Canada or Mexico. $11.95 rest of the world.

You can see more of the book and the sack of suet we call Chel on this Youtube Video Chel's List clip.

Chelvanin@hydrahead.com for more information and to place an order for the book.