Show No Mercy: Lustmord

Column: Show No Mercy
Column by Brandon Stosuy
"Dark ambient progenitor and Crow and Underworld soundtracker Brian Williams, aka Lustmord, released [ O T H E R ] on Hydra Head a couple months ago, but its creepy twists and turns are a more fitting autumn listen, so I decided to ask the Los Angeles-based Welshman a few questions about its 80 minutes of eerie haunted house creaks and drones...

Pitchfork: Your name, "Lustmord," aka "lust murder," makes me think of Peter Sotos, and then Whitehouse. That's what led me to ask about texts. Are you at all interested in authors like Sotos... or Marquis de Sade?

L: Hell no. I read The 120 Days of Sodom from beginning to end when I was a teenager, which was pretty masochistic of me come to think of it, as it bored me to tears. And I appreciate the irony. I've only read a little Sotos early on and found it to be pretentious nonsense."

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