Melvins 4xLP : Ltd Box Set : Secret Headquarters Update + Ebay Opportunist Listing + Waiting List Announcement

Much love to ya'll who headed over to Secret Headquarters and picked up a Melvins Box Set that went on sale over the weekend. It was quite a success and, with the exception of some pain-in-the-asses, it went as smoothly as they could have hoped. They have informed us they are still processing orders placed over the phone. These should be all finalized by tomorrow night, with those orders shipping hopefully by Wednesday day.

Its seems one person picked one up just to turn and sell it, literally within hours of purchase...its a shame really, but considering that we have worked to curb this behaviour, its truly nice to only see this one person selling theirs. The person's post on ebay for the listing of the release is hysterical.....not only does he claim to not being doing it for profit (which he is making), but he is saying the item is sold out (which it isn't)...the best part, though, is the Q&A section where some one calls him out about flipping it, to which he justifies the sale by saying he saw the Melvins with White Zombie and wants Dodger's tickets. We emailed him from our new ebay store which we set up a few days which he responded suggesting it wasn't really us asking the question...too funny.

Anyway....if you are bidding on this thing, you shouldn't. We have box set stock here to sell via mailorder at the actual sale price...not at some dude's inflated auction rate. We are still waiting to finish assembling the stock for us and for the Melvins, so although we can't start selling the box sets we have set aside today, we are willing to start taking some order requests via email. Please understand, this is just a waiting list...we'll respond on a first come first serve basis when we are ready to do so over the next few days. Please include your name, and shipping address (No PO Boxes for US customers, we will only ship UPS insured) so we can determine shipping costs, etc. We'll then respond stating whether or not there is one reserved for you. This may take several days...please refrain from sending multiple emails. Please email if you'd like to be put on the waiting list.