we knew pyramids were awesome the first time were heard them... and now everyone else is finally catching on as well. above is the LA weekly review, and below are a slew of comments from various sources extolling the virtues of the s/t album. we promise the vinyl version of the album is still forthcoming, possibly with a few surprises exclusive to the LP format.

"...[an] unapologetic post-rock assault... a formidable talent..." Pitchfork

"Located at the point where ecstasy tips over into terror, 'Pyramids' is a beguiling nightmare of an album." -Terrorizer

"Way way way recommended. A new aQ favorite for sure..." -Aquarius Records

"Pyramids just redefined grimness for a generation... this is music you lose yourself (and your sanity) to... I wanna hear more." -Decibel

"Pyramids could possibly be post-post-post rock that hasn't been invented yet." -Advance Copy

"In short, a wet-dream for post-metal fans [...] Pyramids' debut album is focused, captivating and intensely psychedelic. " - The Rock Blogger

"Unless you're coming off heroin and want to re-experience the feeling of nodding off stay away." -Mammoth Press

"Haunting and... uniquely unnerving. The band has done a fine job of executing their vision and I can see fully why Hydra Head Records includes them on their distinguished roster" -Audiobomb

"A cloud-scraping vocal ballet... totally fucking beautiful"-Paper Thin Walls

"It emerges from the black slowly, winds into a climax, fades away, and when you're done you can only remember sketchy details" -Tiny Mix Tapes

"Vicious and devastating music... a challenging and thought provoking debut album that is equally spellbinding and frustrating" -Scene Point Blank

"A thundering post-rock, post-everything blitzkrieg on your senses... an extremely remarkable and impressive debut"- No Ripcord

"A record filled with a plethora of interchangeably fine moments... The adventurous and the fans of exceptional free-form post-metal will find much merit within, and the rest will incorrectly think that anyone could do this" -Metal Reviews

"Some of it is beautiful in its own Cocteau Twins-way, other parts are nightmarish, atonal washes, but all in all it forms one of those albums I'll probably be returning to every so often over time" -Lowcut

"Pyramids is a free form sort of band, to put it lightly [...] it seems like there are two different records going on at the same time. " -Decoy Music

"Intense, terrifying bombast... resolutely unique... a place no album should ever take you... totally weird and totally new" -Drowned In Sound

"[A] very impressive debut...alternatingly very beautiful, horrifyingly ugly and immensely promising for next time." -Pop Matters

"There's barely a deviation in the divisive pattern of abrasive industrial grind and over-thrashed ethereal numbers the album flips between until the closing trio of songs fully succumb to the mind-numbing gothic electro-percussion stuttering that makes what would otherwise be a solid shoegazer disc virtually un-listenable to anyone whose mother wasn't pregnant with them while operating a jackhammer nine-to-five while listening to My Bloody Valentine obsessively." -Exclaim!

"Recommended if you like taking some Valium and imagining what it would sound like if Al Jourgensen from Ministry programmed drums for a project between Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead and Jim James from My Morning Jacket that you were hearing from a different room with cotton in your ears."