Pet Genius: Self Titled CD Pre-Order

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Pre-order time again, Pet Genius' new record comes out October 23rd and we've crapped out some amazing new shirts and stuff for this one. Per the sacred code, these items are one-time-only thingies and once the pre-order is over the art will be thrown into a volcano on Mars, never to be printed again. See above for some pics, Garments are available for order until October 11th.

Track Listing:
  1. Doomsday [3:28]
  2. The Visiting Dynamiter [2.20]
  3. Walls of Etiquette [2.12]
  4. Man of the Mountain [3.46]
  5. Float My Boat [2.14]
  6. Emit Fo Deeps Eht Esare [1.13]
  7. Erase the Speed of Time [3.20]
  8. Cosmic Erosion [3.24]
  9. Trash Heap Swing [1.25]
  10. Chromatic Blues [2.20]
  11. Scrapyard King [4.08]