Pelican returns home

Pelican hit the road from May 7th to June 20th. That makes it the longest tour they've ever been on; their hair is longer and they're so pumped from fist fighting with riffs every night that they're now writing a speed metal record. It was the 6th tour to support their recent full length "The Fire in our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw." Don't have it yet? You know where to get it. From Lansing, MI, all the way down the East Coast and across the states and Canada, Pelican had their best tour ever, partnering up with MONO, The Life and Times, our own Mare, Tarentel, Eluvium and Boston's Disappearer. A collective thanks to our tour mates, all who supported the tour by writing a story, coming to the show, giving a place to crash, sparing bud, directing us to the nearest record store, and providing whiskey when we needed it most (i.e. every night). Plans now are to write the next album. FIOT surfaces on vinyl this summer, too! Finally. Touring will resume in the fall with Daughters out west and into Canada again. You can then look forward to a brand new pimped-out DVD. Readers please note: That hoagie is pictured with our sound man Dana. He didn't eat the whole thing, I'm afraid. He was all stoked on it and then just gave up after the first half.