The VSS featured on Pukekos + free downloads

The amazingly comprehensive blog Pukekos has just posted a MASSIVE archive of live soundboard recordings from three shows at Gilman Street, plus all of the 7" EPs with artwork as well as several fliers and posters of The VSS. It's a free download.

"Sonny Kay was a fixture of the DIY community in those days. He was at just about every Gilman show with crates of records from his Bottlenekk distro, selling singles and LPs by bands that you would probably never find unless you combed the ads in HeartattaCk (or went across the bay to Epicenter, but if you weren't a volunteer you would often find the record you were looking for was sold out). I still remember the first item I purchased from him -- The Make-Up's Destination: Love - Live! At Cold Rice -- which he was nice enough to sell me despite the fact that I was a dollar short. It was 1996 and although I had been going to shows for a little while, I hadn't really met or talked to anyone in the bands before. It excited me to actually meet and talk to someone whose music I admired, and consequently I have adopted the habit of approaching people whose work inspires me. Through the course of doing research for this post, I found myself exchanging a few emails with Mr. Kay. I asked him if he had a story to tell about The VSS, and he said that he did: "Anytime anyone asks for something anecdotal about The VSS, I usually wind up telling this story....." Read the rest and download here