Conwerge! We Is Excited

We met some French dude years ago that called Converge, "Conwerge". We laughed so hard that that we've probably never once pronounced their moniker correctly since then...

There was a time when we'd get to hear the goods WAY early... but now we're stuck with the rest of ya'll watching these damn clips online. It don't matter though, we're still unashamedly giddy like little girls...partly because the new album will no doubt be killer, but mostly because a new album cycle means there'll be nearly a year of press quotes from Jake to goof on here in the office...just teasin', Jake, just teasin'...(not really)

We talked with ol' Jacob B. a few months ago about finally putting "Carin' 'n Killin'"on vinyl this year....and after seeing this little teaser clip below we're pretty sure its a REALLY good idea.

CONVERGE New album out soon on Epitaph/Deathwish