Reviews Piranha have reviewed the track "Piranha" off the forthcoming album, Meanderthal from Torche. Heres what they had to say...

"Yeah, that track title’s about right. This new song, “Piranha,” from Torche’s forthcoming Meanderthal album, shreds with short, razor-sharp riffs that do their business quickly and then swim away searching for fresh meat. Vicious sure, but also sleek and hyperdriven (think Queens of the Digital Age). And them glazed over vocal harmonies sure are friendly, like a pack of twenty-fourth-century biker dudes inviting you to join them as they traverse the galaxy on their rocket-hogs. “Piranha” isn’t a huge departure from the sound of Torche’s self-titled debut or last year’s In Return EP, but you won’t find a shorter song that rocks harder, guaranteed. This is what getting stoned in the future will feel like."

Listen to "Piranha" for yourself over at the Torche Myspace