Heavy Metal In Baghdad photo exhibit fundraiser

You may remember the band The Abandoned Hearts Club who appeared on the 2xH vs. HHR - Where Is My Robotic Boot? compilation that came out on Hydrahead a few years back. Ben from AHC is part of The Emporium Gallery which is holding a benefit event this coming weekend in Montreal to spread awareness and raise money for the band featured in the documentary Heavy Metal In Baghdad.

Acrassicauda- the subject of Vice Films' Heavy Metal in Baghdad. Acrassicauda is an Iraqi metal band displaced by the war in Iraq and now living in Syria. Their visas soon expire and they will be deported back to Iraq where they could possibly lose their lives because of their association with Western culture (they play metal and love the music). The Emporium Gallery is partnering with Vice Films, VBS.TV, Pikto and Dose.ca to organize an art show to raise the money necessary for getting the band out of Syria and/or Iraq to a safe haven.

Opening October 26, 2007 from 7pm to midnight at The Emporium Gallery
Extended showing hours: 11am - 8pm / Saturday, October 27th and Sunday, October 28th

At The Emporium Gallery 3035 St. Antoine Ouest, studio 74 Montreal, QC

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