Jesu On Film

Director Michael Cimpher independently put together a video for "Dead Eyes" off of Jesu's 'Silver' EP...he says its not the final cut, but its can see the video by clicking your mouse on that 'play' shaped button right above...

In even further Jesu video news...while in Los Angeles this November, while wrapping up their debut headlining US tour, the band will be filming a video for a track off of an upcoming EP due out on Hydra Head in early 2008...more specifics on that later this fall.

And while we're at we'd be fools to not mention the band's new "Life Line" EP, in stores October 9th, right at the start of the tour. In an unlikely move for us, it really truly appears that we'll have the vinyl version of "Life Line" to send off with the band. And to think, it only took us 10 years to get the CD and LP version of an album to be released at the same time.