LA PARTY PEOPLE (i mean "loser record nerds") ARTHUR BALL & HYDRAHEADINESS

hey LA area folks,
you may have heard about the arthur ball this weekend here in los angeles... it's a happenin party with lots of "cool" and "hip" bands, including a few we actually like - such as growing, pearls and brass, coleen, etc.... if you want more info on this event go here: now, why do we mention this ball seeing as how none of our bands were cool enough to get on the bill? well, as it turns out our gal pal jesse at arthur mag hooked us up with a booth for the weekend so we could hock our wares to unsuspecting attendants of the ball. we're not exactly sure where the booth will be located, but if you come down to the area where the ball is being held (see arthur URL above for more details) we bet you'll find us pretty easily... we'll be the hairy guys selling lots of limited and hard to find hydra head stuff, and we'll most likely be swarmed by adoring fans - i.e. local crazies trying to trade us moldy crackers for big business CDs. on a related note, this weekend will be the first public appearance by our newest additions to the hydra head staff: james o'mara (graphics guy, scare absorber) and bryce somehting or other (office mismanager, likely candidate for ulcers). these guys will be manning the table most of the time since mark and aaron will be too busy sleeping with models on piles of cash, and/or driving around in hummers smoking meth with kenny g flowin through the speakers... so, if you live in LA or anywhere in the vicinity, you want to see some live post rock-ambient-neofolk-psychdrone-minimalist-retro-freejazz-shoegazer-stonermetal action, and you want to get your hands on some hot ass colored vinyl-limited LP-out of print t shirt-live dvd-hand numbered cd-screenprinted sleeve-mailorder only hydra head goods and services, by all means come on down! we are going to attempt to make it through the WHOLE weekend of arthur induced madness, but if you want to get in on the good stuff we suggest gettin' there early and bringing lots of cash - but we also suggest leaving your girlfriend/boyfriend behind unless you want bryce to make off with em....
so, we'll see you there.... or in hell.... or maybe next week at in n out burger.